visit to The Kitchen in Falmouth

The Kitchen is hidden in a cobbled courtyard...

During another of my crazy goose chases (this time hunting for the Chintz Bar - only open in the evening - eye roll) I happened upon The Kitchen. What a great lunchtime surprise! Tucked away in the Old Brewery Yard in Falmouth, it's a treat from start to finish.

We lucked out with a table in the courtyard, as it was fairly hot in the eating parlour/kitchen, and were delighted to be presented with a hand glazed tile heralding the three brunch choices for the day. We ordered drinks (water for me/local cider), gave a respectful nod to the obviously long suffering poodle in residence, and made our brunch choices.

a splattering of delicious local produce

I opted for the veg chef's plate - a splattering of delicious vegetables piled colourfully on a studio pottery plate. Gorgeous on the eye, this lightly spiced mad medley of roots, squashes, al dente greens, and some delicious lentil stuffing (I think?) was just what I didn't know I needed.

We also ordered poached duck eggs with their own variety of vegetable medley. We were both very happy with our choices but alas for you, so excited by the way the food looked, we forgot to snap it before eating!

We were told that there were at least 20 different vegetables on the 'chef's plate' which was cleverly cooked so that the different varieties were either well cooked or al dente (but not squeaking like mice on your teeth which I hate).

I loved the rustic nature of The Kitchen. There was a lot of attention to detail - this sort of rough and ready only works if you have great taste. The decor and the food smacked of appreciation of the beauty: whether it was for an aged wooden table, a hand thrown bowl, or a perfectly cooked poached egg. The Kitchen sources all its fresh produce locally, from growers and foragers. The limited, changeable menu allows chef Ben and his team to make the most of what is fresh and in season. Every plate that comes out is different from the last, with the menu descriptions (for want of a better word) acting as guidelines rather than rules.


food 9/9 wine n/a service 8/9 ambience 8/9

I loved the venue, the limited menu shouting 'fresh', the ethos of The Kitchen, and OMG the food!

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