Hills are watercolour 
Robin hop and scold
Feathered Cirrus overhead
Wind tugs at resistant leaves 
Colour dimming
flat light
Field fares speed by
Blackbird fighter jets in autumn blow
Corvid dive bombers in dark swayed canopy
Blackbird alarm
Two for joy
Angry robin
red in covert
blue barred barrater
Twisted hawthorn
Golding ivy
Squirrel leap
Style to turnips 
Weak sun
Wren in blackthorn 
Blackbird pair
Robin song 
Great-tit bobbing flight
Leaves fall
Darkening Sessile oak
Rain blacked hedgerow 
dark sculpture 
Birds lift from woodland canopy 
Dogs run for morning joy
jostle and turn like March hares
Farm house 
Farm yard
Time blown bare
Leaves tumbleweed up village road
Leaf strewn green