walk for wellbeing

The natural environment provides relaxing surroundings for confidential talks, discussion of ideas, and making connections. Time in the countryside, getting out into the open, is more beneficial than just the physical exercise undertaken. A #walkandtalk can be a great opportunity to plan your priorities for the day, month, or year... ahead. There is queit time to reflect on what is important in your life or how you are feeling, with someone to act as a sounding board for your thoughts.

My #walkkandtalk sessions can be booked on a one to one basis or for groups, and can be tailored to your physical needs. All my #walkandtalk sessions are treated as confidential.

In this busy, busy world where hardly a moment of our day is not artificially stimulated, it is difficult to find the mental space to reflect and evaluate. We wake up to the alarm, radio or TV. The demands of family or work press upon us, so that we are often pushed to a point where we feel it is difficult to cope. We lose sight of what is important to us and often feel a loss of our sense of identity. One has to make time for oneself and a #walkandtalk could be just what you need.

Whatever the weather, a sense of the changing seasons and reconnecting with the natural world helps you better know yourself, which can lead to new goals and a fresh direction.

I will host a free bi-monthly artists' #walkandtalk at The Art House from autumn 2020 to promote the sharing of practice, passions, and provisions. I am also planning a free bi-monthly #walkandtalk for local residents in order to foster community connections.