Rain billows in
 Wagtail light up the morning 

 Curious cattle turn to state as we head out
 Fluorescent forms mark the way

 Bee Birds and 
 Bee-Biter call out
 A Bare Faced Crow softly caws from the Scott’s Pine

 Redbreast song
 Gull soar
 Broken style at Higher Tremeyne
 Crumbled hobble 
 Stream crossing
 Golden Gorse against grey

 The gentle vale laid out below the path
 Sheep and Cornish stone
 Crowan church a beacon 

 Great-Tits dance with Hawthorn
 Blackbird song blossoms from the copse
 Skies clear echoing the blue blinds of the village school
 A Long Tailed-Tit in the Hazel catkins