foraging and cooking food outdoors

taking the time to grow food or gather wild food is healing and connective - I welcome individuals, families or small groups to share ideas, recipes and foraging expeditions with me - to discover the joy of building, and cooking over, open fires and reconnect with the natural rhythms of the yearly cycle and experience the changing seasons

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Blackberries are the first stop in foraging for most people. A childhood joy and adult delight...

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Blackberry Vodka - a naughty treat on Autumn evenings. Some foraged fancies don't last long...

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Delicious Chanterelles! One of my favourite foraged foods. The Cornish woodlands...

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Hawthorn is held in high esteem in folklore and herbal medicine. It also makes yummy ketchup...

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Delicious Oyster Mushrooms cleaned and ready for cooking over the fire pit...

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Early summer sees the Elder bloom. Time to gather in the early harvest for cordial, fritters, and Elderflower Fizz...

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