Times are daunting for many people seeking work in the current climate. Covid 19 restrictions have wreaked havoc in whole sectors of industry. Thousands of people have been furloughed and laid off, and there is more to come. There are often a hundred plus applicants for each job. It is challenging dealing with rejection after rejection when looking for work, often without even an automated email to let you know you haven’t been selected…just radio silence!

It’s important to hold on to your own value when you are not treated with courtesy, let alone respect. But you can do it! You are a professional with worthwhile skills to share, who may be ambitious, be highly knowledgeable in your field, have the wisdom and insight that years of experience bring, or the up to date training of a new graduate.

First, close the metaphorical door on the very real mess. 

Second, reach for your established rituals and regain your sense of self: You may be someone who enjoys a coffee with colleagues, a workout at your gym, a visit to a gallery or theatre to extent your cultural knowledge, or a meal with clients…many things which have been curtailed by social distancing, gone with loss of employment, or unaffordable through reduced circumstances.

Now look at what you can do to restore your personal rituals or develop new ones. You are in need of grounding to better arm yourself for the emotional trials of the jobs market. For me a #walkbeforework and the simplicity of my coffee time ritual helps calm and ground me before I dive into the trials of the day. 

The sound as I grind the beans, the kettle boiling, the vintage coffee pot and hand thrown cup I use (both from flea markets), the warm cup in my hand and the scent of the coffee, all combine to reinforce the “I am me” feeling, the “I do this” acknowledgment. It helps to remember ‘who you are’.

There are lots of ways to access all sort of rituals you may have had to shed for financial or practical reasons. So many free online workouts to join in with. So many virtual museums to visit, so many great theatres and galleries giving virtual online shows. If you are proactive you can access these gifts.

There are also lots of great tips for reworking your cv, tailoring your LinkedIn profile, professionalising your social media presence, and virtual networking opportunities. Use these tools to showcase your skills and experience, to feel connected, to join in the conversation. 

You are not alone in these challenging times. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, you have a lot to offer, so let others see your worth. 

But remember first to value yourself first…you are worth it!